Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do not install EaseUs Partition Master and their other products. They are scams.

Last year, I accidentally deleted a partition metadata. Not the data itself, but just the metadata. Knowing that the data was still there, I wanted to restore the files. So I tried many data recovery software. None of them were really good and I eventually gave up. One free software was the EaseUs Data Recovery. It was a trial version. I scanned the disk with it. After a lengthy scan it showed files... but fake files. The drive was a data only drive; I did not install Windows on it. But EaseUs' software showed common Windows system directories and files. And then it wanted me to buy the full version to recover those files. That was obviously a scam.

Today, I wanted to resize the Windows partition, so I tried some softwares including EaseUs Partition Master free edition. I made sure not to be tricked to install their other complementary software with it, and I unchecked the customer feedback (i.e., marketing surveillance).

First, it could not resize the C drive as I wanted. Secondly, it started automatically on Windows startup, and wanted to "clean some junk files" for me. Yeah, and notice that EaseUs is a Chinese company, Cheng Du. What is wrong with Chinese companies and spams? They always try this.

A partition manager wants to start automatically to clean your system.

Yeah, improve the system performance... right.

Remember ES File Explorer (by a Chinese company)? I liked it until, they tried to sneak in some system cleaning feature to a file manager. Why does a file manager want to clean my system? Also, I have found that ES File Explorer is constantly running in the background, submitting usage data to their server through ADB log. The Go Dev team is another famous Chinese Android developer. I liked the Go SMS and Keyboard at first, but then they started spam me with unnecessary announcements, features etc. So I ended up deleting all their products. So many Chinese developers are practicing this.

Do not install EaseUs products unless you want to lose your personal data, or be scammed.


Unknown said...

you`re right, I installed it and wasted tons of time,it was to create a simple merge and they showed a ''info error 43''bullshit it then leads you to download the 59,95 usd prog which I didn`t. You can do same thing free using MS DISK ORGANISER..
Chinese scammers go to hell.

Unknown said...

EaseUS = Worst company ever! Company states they have a 30 day money back guarantee, but when their product doesn't work, they refuse to honor it!

Will never recommend anyone use their products nor will I ever purchase from them again! SCAM!