Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why it is disgusting that Christians praise evolution as the divine way to create humans

It is well known that most evolution-deniers are believers of the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism -- in case you did not know, they are basically variations of the same thing). They have been desperate to deny that evolution is real by fabricating false evidence, arbitrarily defining terms, or by resorting to world-wide conspiracy theories. You know, the common theory that all scientists are actually followers of Satan, and they are trying to abolish your faith to God using wicked lies like evolution, geology, or the Big Bang theory. If you think that kind of theory is a rare fringe thing that only a small number of crazy idiots believe, have look at this.

But it has become increasingly difficult for intelligent christians to deny evolution, due to overwhelming and growing number of evidence that support evolution. So, many such enlightened christians, including the Pope, began to accept evolution. Even some educators/scientists of evolution say there is no reason for evolution and religions cannot coexist. Yes, evolution can be compatible with SOME religions. But NOT with christianity, or at least the christianity most of the christians know of.

Christianity claims,

  1. God knows everything (omniscience)
  2. God can do anything, as long as it is not illogical (omnipotent)
  3. God loves humans more than anything else.
These things are incompatible with evolution. Some christians might think evolution is some sort of magical way that makes animals and plants gradually better to adapt to the environment. Animals are not just getting better like the way you get muscles by training. That is rather Lamarckism, not evolution. The method of real evolution is very simple. By killing off inferior individuals. Nature does not care for any mercy or justice. If an animal individual successfully cheats on its mate to produce more offsprings, then the genes of such individuals will pass on, instead of those individuals who tried hard in an honest way but failed to mate.

Some christians praise the human immune system as god's gift. And they think evolution is god's method too.... To evolve immune systems in the evolutionary way, it is inevitable that many poor people must have suffered tremendous amount of agony and horrible deaths. Mostly, those who survived the attacks of microbes and viruses passed their genes to their offsprings, and that is why most humans are now immune to many such bad things. Is this really a method of a human-loving, omniscience, omnipotent being?

If god already exactly knew how he wanted human body to be and he had the ability to materialise his thought instantly, why did he use such an sub-optimal, cruel method? It seems as if that god did not know how the human body should be like (not omniscient) or was unable to materialise the human body without a long-term method like evolution (not omnipotent) or probably thought the biological diversity is worth all those of agony of those individuals who failed to survive (no preference for humans over other forms of life).

In the evolution way, a baby whose parents have died should die, too. Their parents failed to survive for any reason, so chances are the baby would also have those inferior genes. Sometimes, their parents had very good genes but died due to some random accident. Evolution does not care for this kind of details. It is not the most optimal method in the first place. Killing off some good genes does not make much difference, as long as much of them survive and much of the bad genes die. But if you can choose whether to let the baby die or save the baby, would you choose to let the baby die? Basically, the christians who praises evolution is praising their god for leaving those weak individuals such as those kind of babies to die.

Probably, their only excuse would be that infamous "god works in mysterious ways". The behaviour of their god clearly looks against the common sense of all sane people, and can be called evil if it were done by a human. If I would ask them if they would do like such a thing, they would say no. Yet they claim since it is God, it is a mysteriously good behaviour. Why are there such double-standards? If all people think something is evil and your god is doing that, isn't it very likely that your god is evil, instead of being mysterious?

Open up your eyes and see the world. Is this really the optimal world for human? No, not the excuse of human sins. Do you really believe we humans are capable of causing all the biological phenomena just by sinning? Who can explain the intricate structure and mechanisms of salmonella in relation to some people's not believing in god or stealing or murdering each other?

For thousands of years, some people have suffered unimaginable agonies due to leprosy. They were isolated, scorned, and sometimes beaten to death, as people thought leprosy was some sort of punishment from gods. Little did they know that it was caused by the living of some simple, mindless bacteria, bacteria that have no purpose of living but simply just exist for the sake of existence. So, did your god not know such a thing could evolve? Or did he just leave those people to suffer for the sake of evolution? If any small good things happen, christians thank god because it is god who made them happen. If so, why did not help those miserable people by eliminating those bacteria from our world?

Viruses and bacteria exist because evolution does not prefer us humans over them, because evolution has no sympathy, no mercy. If ANYONE or any being, including your god, has the power to stop the human mysteries but leave them as they are, I cannot regard that being as 'good'. I would not care if I have to exterminating any number of species, if that could put an end to human miseries caused by viruses and bacteria. (Luckily, there are ways to achieve that without hurting of most of other species.) 

There is a famous saying: You cannot have the cake and eat it. Likewise, the god that christians believe and real evolution (not Lamarckism) cannot coexist. Probably, it is a good time to choose between the two. If you think carefully with all the evidence, I am sure the answer is clear.


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