Wednesday, July 01, 2015

How to fix ugly Japanese font in File Explorer and other built-in apps in Windows 10

On English version of Windows 10, Japanese texts such as file names in File Explorer or texts in built-in apps such as Music, look ugly, as if they were rendered using some kind of Chinese font.

I have tried many things and found a solution. I need to install the Japanese Supplementary Fonts in Optional Features. To do this, open Settings, type Optional Feature, and then install the Japanese Supplementary Fonts. Now, restart Windows.

The same thing applies to Korean. Google Chrome displayed some Korean text (such as those in Google search result) with squares. After installing Korean Supplementary Fonts, it was fixed.

This seems to be caused that the web page is using some old Korean fonts that were available in Windows 7/8 by default, but not in Windows 10. This could be a problem of that web page, but it is definitely Microsoft's fault that Microsoft's own File Explorer and built-in apps do not use new Japanese fonts and try to use old Japanese fonts that are not available in Windows 10 by default and then falls back to some Chinese font.

I have submitted this problem using Insider's Feedback.

영문판 Windows 10의 파일 탐색기와 기본 앱 등에서 일본어 텍스트가 이상한 글꼴로 지저분하게 표현된다. 방법을 찾아 이것저것 해 본 결과 방법을 찾긴 했다. 물론 내 시간은 누가 보상할 것인가만은. Settings에서 Optional Feature를 입력 후, Japanese Supplementary Fonts를 설치하고 Windows를 새로 시작하면 일본어 텍스트가 Meiryo 글꼴로 깨끗하게 표시된다.

Google Chrome에서 영어 Google로 간 후 검색을 하면 검색 결과의 한글이 네모로 보였는데, 이것도 마찬가지로 Korean Supplementary Fonts를 설치하니까 해결되었다.


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