Saturday, July 14, 2012

Universal wireless charging -- it this a dream?

By wireless charging I do not mean a Wi-Fi like directionless, long distant charging. That sounds nice but that may be less energy efficient at this stage. I am thinking about more like a charging pad. You put your things there, and they will be charged. This seems far more technically feasible, I think.

With growing number of my gadgets -- two smart phones, two tablets, one laptop, suddenly charging became a pain in the ass. They require different chargers, and different cables. This clutters my power strip. I am not an expert on electronics, but I suspect that using multiple small chargers is less efficient that using one single big charger. And most of all, I have to plug/unplug them lots of times. I hate it.

Luckily, Samsung started wireless charging with their Galaxy S3. I do not own it so I do not know how it operates, but I think it should require their own special charger. I heard LG also started producing wirelessly chargeable devices. No. Please make a standard.

We all know how it is stupid that we have multiple types of power plug, when we can just have one? Think of all the pain when you travel to a different country or buying electronics overseas, all unnecessary adapters, wasting of natural resources.... This is stupid. Sometimes humans do a thing in a stupid way due to capitalism.  A company wants their way to be the standard, and another company wants theirs, and so on, then they try to push their way, making people's lives more difficult.

As a consumer, I do not care who wins -- Samsung, Apple, whatever. All I want is a pad on which I charge every gadget I have, wirelessly. I think we have the technology (almost), now if only they all agree, for the humanity's (or nerds') sake.

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