Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why you would still love Galaxy Nexus if you buy one now.

Buy a Galaxy Nexus? At this point? This might sound stupid. I mean, might. But I bought my Galaxy Nexus about two weeks ago, and I love this phone, well, most of the part.

On Jelly Bean, you will love taking pictures with Galaxy Nexus!

Some say the picture quality is sub-par, but here are some sample pictures I have taken with it.
Unless you want to use your phone as your main camera, what would you expect more from a phone camera than this? After upgrading Jelly Bean, taking pictures became an absolute pleasure. When taking a picture the smooth animation gives you a nice indication that your picture is duly taken. When you scroll the view-finder, you can see through the pictures you have taken so far, nice. Very smooth! You can pinch to zoom out and see pictures like a strip of films and you can delete a pictures you do not like just by swing them up. VERY NICE!! Just wonderful interface, better than iPhone's.

The Speaker sucks.

When I used Atrix, I could listen to my audiobook while I was taking a shower. With GN, I cannot. The loud speaker's output is too low. Moreover, when I play a game on the horizontal mode, my fingers can easily block the speaker hole, then I can hear virtually nothing.

Samsung, please make your loud speaker, loud! Personally I think iPad 3's speaker is very loud. I want that on my GN.

The Screen looks GOOD sometimes, looks too dark other times.

When you view pictures or text indoors, it looks great. But when reading, the white background is not that white, it is rather greenish. And it is not that bright, so that you can hardly see anything outdoors under bright sunlight. I could read more easily on my Atrix under the same condition. 

But still, it is a 320DPI ( almost the same as iPhone 4's DPI), 720P screen. This is great. But remember that there is a burn-in phenomenon. You should not have the same image on the screen for a long time, because it will permanently damage your screen.

Battery life, maybe a little bit short, but OK.

Maybe a little bit short, maybe average. But it is OK, because I have two batteries and I can switch them on an emergency.

No noticeable hardware defects!

Nexus One obviously had lots of hardware defects like multi-touch bug, easily-breakable power button and so on. Galaxy S had GPS problem, I heard? Some phones have Wi-Fi issues, some phones have 3G issues and so on. So far my Galaxy Nexus has no noticeable issues. I know two more persons in my office who use Galaxy Nexus, they have not told me anything about such thing, so I guess they do not have issues either.

There is Google and lots of hobbiest developers behind this phone.

Maybe this is the best merit. You will always get the first update (at least for the upcoming 1~2 years), and even if you do not, hobbiest developers have been providing you lots of custom firmwares. They even provide the source codes so that you can modify them if you want. 

With this price, this IS the best phone.

I bought this phone for about 200 dollars in Korea. I heard that you can buy this directly from google about 350 dollars. iPhone 4S is still more expensive than this. This phone is cheaper and more awesome! Jelly Bean is smooth and fast. If you are an iPhone user, who was a former Android user, you may have a bad memory about Android. All the lags, choppy transitions, ugly apps... Come and touch Jelly Bean. See how smooth, fast and beautifully it works on a not-so-high-end device like GN.

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