Sunday, February 19, 2012

Actually, I am atoms.

I have been amazed by the structures of atoms. Maybe you have been, too. I thought they were very weird things. Very tiny electrons are going round far far away from a nucleus. And come to think of it, I am that very thing.

As an atheist, I think myself consists of physical materials, i.e. atoms. Not only my body, but my consciousness is, too. Christians have vague idea that we have something called souls, which are not effected by the physical world. Yeah, in your dreams. I think my consciousness is like a software. I am not saying it is a software because it just follows written instructions, but because the way it exists in this physical world is the same as that of a software. Think of Windows. Without computers, Windows cannot exist. Windows is not a physical thing, but it exists as a physical thing, you got it?

Let's say there only left one computer on the world, and all other DVDs, written documents about Windows are lost. If someone burns that computer, then Windows is lost, and there will be no way to bring it back to this world. If Windows is my conscience, the computer is my brain. If I die, my brain stops functioning, and will be devoured by fungi and bacteria, and will be completely decomposed. Then my consciousness will also disappear from the universe.

Is it not amazing that my consciousness is just the acts of those mindless atoms? Somehow some carbons, oxygens, nitrogens and others got together and are contemplating and feeling the world. They think that atoms weird, when they themselves are atoms! What a strange sensation it is.

Somewhere in the vast sea of the atoms in my brain, is my consciousness. If Yahweh created people and the world so easily in just a few days by saying something, it would not be interesting at all. Why should it? Almighty Yahweh just did that, and that is that. Without Yahweh, I think it pretty much amazes me with wonders of the world.

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