Friday, February 24, 2012

The links of 4 billion years.

Creationism is just a disgrace and an insult to the humans and living things.

My father survived and succeeded to make an offspring, and so did his father and his father. This goes up to the first living cell that appeared about 4 billion years ago. Think about their efforts! For 4 billion years, the link never had been broken, otherwise I would not have been here. I will not count the number of individuals from I to the first cell, but there could have been millions. None of them died before reproduction. A million time luck! If I go up to my ancestry there should have been mouse-like animals, lizard-like animals and fish-like animals. They all worked hard to survive. I can't even imagine all the life stories of the millions of lives in my lineage back to the first cell. All I can think of them is that they have survived all the harsh environments and somehow managed to reproduce, thus I am now.

With creationism, everything becomes so very less impressive. There was an all-powerful being that had been just there without any effort (God just was there), and the all-powerful being just created all living things in a few moments in their present forms without much effort. Yes, it's all-powerful God, do you think it would be anything difficult for God to create animals or humans? So humans just popped into existence by God and survived for only a few thousand years.... This greatly diminishes all the efforts life on Earth has made for 4 billion years.

Creationists often says something to praise their God for all the beauties and glories they see in living things. Glory? What Glory? What's so great about living things if an all-powerful being just made them effortlessly in a few moments? That should have been less impressive than a toaster machine pops out toasts. When I think of the efforts of 4 billion years of life, now I can truly be grateful to them and look solemnly at the world with wonders.

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