Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No, it is YOU who wants to send me to Hell.

Today, I was reading the comments of a Korean news page (Daum News). The news was about a middle-aged woman who attacked a high school girl in  a supermarket. One of the most thumb-up comments was "I bet she was a Christian". Thumbs up: 542, thumbs down: 174.

There were comments for that comment. Some of them were...

  • "May those who speak ill of Christianity go the Hell." 
  • "You poor souls. ... I do hope you would believe in Jesus later. It is your choice whether you believe or not, but once you died, you cannot choose."
  • "I don't have enough courage to love you, but I tried. ..... You only have the chance while you are alive, and afterwards there is only judgement."

Probably those are Christians. You may say those kind of people are really small percentage of the whole Christians or those persons are just a wrong Christian but most Christians are not like him.

Well, the truth is, most Christians I have met online or offline usually threaten me that if I do not believe in Jesus I will go to Hell. When they cannot defeat me in arguments they usually patronize me saying "I will pray for your soul (so that you will not end up in Hell)."

See this move on the YouTube.

Once I met a random Christian and I told him bad things about Christianity. I do not remember exactly what we said, but it was something like this.
Christian: I do not hate you even though you are attacking me.
I : I did not attack you, I attacked Christianity.
... (omitted) ...
I : I will believe God as soon as I see him. Once I die, and I see him, I will believe him, and I will apologize him. Will he still send me to Hell?
Christian: I don't know. Are you good enough to the eyes of Him?
I : Why does the perfect-loving God send me to Hell, when I am apologizing?

Here is a picture of a billboard to propagate Christianity. It just says everything in one picture. The green text means "God loves you" and the yellow texts on the fire mean "Disbelief, Hell", "Hot, hot". So, God loves you but if you do not believe God, he will send (or at least created a system to send ) you to Hell.
(photo credit: Yi In,

Christians say Christianity is love, but yet when they are angry (because they cannot win in a logical argument) they almost always talk about Hell, because they want the non-believers to go to Hell. If Christianity is really about love and forgiveness, they would not dare to even bring Hell into the conversation. It is a really cruel, disgracing, inhuman place. No person deserves eternal pain. But, clearly Christians do not think so. They want those whom they hate to suffer in Hell. They talk about God, but it is actually they who condemn people to Hell. It is they who is trying to send people to Hell. Because God is you.

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